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A Monday Prayer for you

Happy Monday – here’s a prayer for you today:

May you feel blessed in the middle of all the challenges of your list, for they are how you grow.

May you choose to have compassion for anyone who is a negative force in their life, for these people are doing the best they can from their point of view.

May you see beyond any criticism they experience from others and choose to see that beneath the surface of whoever is criticizing you, is just a scared child in a grown up body.

May you remember that at you core, you are only Love.

May you be that Love today.

May you remember where you came from.

May you remember that you cannot fix a spiritual problem with blame, envy, stress or hard work.

May you let go a little today and trust that all is unfolding perfectly in your life.

Please be patient with yourself and all that you messed up and get wrong.

Please allow yourself to see that every mistake, every setback, every heart ache and every stressful experience is an opportunity for you to find the blessing instead of what’s wrong.

May you see that everything is unfolding in perfect Divine order in your life.

May you know that every resource that you need is right at your fingertips.

All you have to do is look with the eyes of faith and forgiveness and you will see that all is being provided for you in perfect order.

May you lay down any insecurities that you might be feeling.

May you let go of any comparison to others that you might be doing.

May you choose to put you first this week and remember that the only way to truly help others is from your place of happiness and fulfillment.

May you remember that what’s for you will never miss you and what isn’t for you will miss you.

May you let go of any feelings of missing out, or any thoughts about it being too late.

May you decide that this week, you are in control of what you think, feel and believe.

May you release any limiting beliefs that is holding you back.

May you heal any wounds that are asking for healing. May you forgive yourself and anyone who hurt you in the past.

May you remember that forgiveness doesn’t make right what happened, but it does set you free from the past.

May you remember that when you forgives yourself and others and is set free from the past, that that is how you create the future that you are dreaming of.

Finally, may you remember that you never walk alone and that YOU are always with you.

Please be blessed with a sign that you are with you today.

Please send confirmation that you are on the right path.

Please help with whatever is being praying for and may you know that the moment you ask YOU for a blessing that it is immediately delivered.

May you see everything that happens today as an answer to yours deepest prayer, even if it makes no logical sense to you.

May you heal quickly from whatever is up for you to heal this week.

Bless you.

Bless your family.

Bless your finances.

Bless your health.

Bless your purpose.

Bless your journey.


Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!