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The Gift In Your Jealousy

It happens, you get jealous.

If you don’t dig any deeper, jealousy can prevent you from moving forward, from growing and from stepping into your life’s purpose.

But, if you dig a little deeper, you will see that there is a hidden gift in feeling jealous or envious.

This gift will help you discover what makes you unique; it will help you have more harmonious relationships, and it can help you end the stress of comparison and jealousy.

What is this gift?

It’s simple, actually.

If there is someone that you’re jealous of… they are simply reflecting back to you your own unexpressed potential.

Meaning… they have something or are being a certain way that you wish that you could.

The good news is this…

The part of you that is jealous of the other person knows that you, too, have that same potential or quality.

So, the wise thing to do with your jealousy is to follow it.

To accept it. To love it.

When you accept that you’re feeling jealous and about what… then you can begin the process of restoring your sanity and ending the jealousy.


By taking steps to embody the thing in the other person that you’re jealous of.

Jealous of their business? Step into yours.

Jealous of their romantic life? Step into yours.

Jealous of how much money they have? Step into yours.

Jealous of how kind or spiritual they are? Step into yours.

There is a really powerful benefit of jealousy… it shows you, by contrast, your own unlived potential.

And, this is a gift.

Because now you know where to go and what to do.

You know what to focus on.

Embodying the traits that you see in them.

So, the wise person does not talk negatively about those they are jealous of.


They turn them into their mentors. They learn from them.

Because, whatever it is that they have that you want… the process, the recipe of how to get it or become it exists.

And this person knows the recipe.

Better to learn the recipe as well.

Better to become that which you truly desire.

The easy path is to talk negative, to be negative and to feel less about yourself.

But, you feeling less about yourself doesn’t serve any long term positive purpose other than to teach you by contrast.

Today, if there is any jealousy in you, let’s start the process of freeing you from this jealousy.


Step 1 – Admit who or what you’re jealous of.

Step 2 – What exactly about this person or situation are you jealous of? Money? Success? Love? Beauty?

Step 3 – Send a positive prayer for this person’s success. When you wish others well, you create your own wellness.

Step 4 – Turn this person into your mentor. Learn from them. Ask them questions. Find out who their mentors are. Find out their core beliefs about life. Learn what daily actions they take. Do your research.

Step 5 – Learn from them. Their mentors. Take the same daily steps. Create the same beliefs in yourself.

Step 6 – Express yourself in your own way. Don’t be a copycat, instead use this knowledge to express yourself in your own unique way.

Step 7 – Keep sending those you are jealous of a silent prayer of gratitude each day.

These above steps can be hard, confusing or scary to take.

But it will be worth it.

Wish those that you are jealous of well. Send them thoughts of success.

And, then get to work on yourself.

Jealousy is a call to become more.

And, be grateful that someone else has ignited this energy in you.

They are not better than you. They’ve just got more practice.

Your job…. get practicing.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!