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How To Take Back Control Of Your Life

If there’s a goal that you’ve set for yourself and it hasn’t happened yet, there’s only one reason…

You haven’t change your behavior to match the goal.

Let me explain.

When you have an “AHA” moment and realize that you want more out of life, you may find yourself setting a new goal.

It might be a weight loss goal, a relationship goal, a financial or business goal.

Perhaps you create a vision board for this goal, you write it down daily, and you visualize the goal.

These are all important steps, but there’s one step that has to happen, or the goal isn’t going to happen.

What’s that step?

You’ve got to match the correct thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviors with the goal that you want to achieve.

For example, if you want to lose weight…. you can’t rely on the thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviors that kept you overweight.

If you want to earn more money, you can’t rely on the thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviors that kept you broke.

I’ve seen many people want a bigger reward from life without being willing to change their thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behavior.

It’s a delusion to believe that you can lose weight eating the way you used to eat when you were overweight.

It’s a delusion to believe that you can start a successful business with the same behaviors that prevented you from starting a business.

If you want a greater reward from life, you’ve got to become more, believe more, act in a way that is congruent with the new goal you’ve set – and this new way of being must be how you show up most of the time.

‘Cuz here’s the truth… when you demand more out of life, you are actually demanding more from yourself.

The price you must pay for achieving the goal you wish to achieve is to overcome all the internal blocks that have prevented you from achieving it in the first place.

This means you must anticipate setbacks, obstacles, and impediments.

Not because you’re negative, but because every person who becomes more must solve greater problems and overcome greater obstacles.

When you realize that the setback is the path, the game changes.

You no longer have the entitled attitude that you shouldn’t have problems or obstacles, instead, you simply focus on removing impediments and solving problems.

Make it your aim to keep your goals fixed firmly in your mind.

Focus on overcoming whatever is in the way.

Write your goals down every morning and evening.

Mentally rehearse success.

Focus on clearing away all the obstacles and give it your all each day.

Instead of focusing on what you cannot control (like other people, the government, the economy, the media, social media, etc.) – focus on what you can control.

You can’t control the world; you are not the General Manager of the Universe.

You can only control your little part of the Universe.

You get to control what you make all this mean.

Find an empowering meaning.

You get to control what you focus on.

Focus on success.

You get to control who’s in your life.

Only allow those in who speak success into your life.

You get to control whether or not you get back up.

Get back up today.

Realize that your job is not to avoid problems, but to solve them.

Realize that your job is not to allow your limiting beliefs to hold you back, but to world on healing all the internal blocks to success.

Today, you get the awesome opportunity to become the person it takes to make your dreams a reality.

Get back up. Solve problems.

Become the person is taken to live your dreams.

Find gratitude for the struggle. Focus on what you want to create.

Then get out of your own way.

Today, be intentional that you are ready, willing and able to change your behavior to match the goal you desire.

Make that change, today.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!