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Take the brakes off and create faster results

It’s common to head towards a goal to start… and stop… and start… and stop… and start… and stop again.

Why do we do this?

The answer is simple, but not easy…

A part of you believes that success is a threat.

Pure and simple.

The work is to uncover why.

I call this the root cause.

You see, all of us have this human nervous systems that’s designed to keep us safe.

Growth represents a threat.

So, when our heart/soul/gut/dreams move us forward into a bigger, more purposeful life – our nervous systems cautions us from moving forward.

Because the future is unknown, so are the threats.

We assume the worst. We feel anxiety in our bodies. We procrastinate.

We try to do it perfectly to prevent possible death.

We get distracted by the latest trending cat photo.

Yet – no matter how much we try to plan, to control and to scheme the perfect plan, it never works out.

We can never know the future.

So, we try to improve our lives through various personal development models or approaches.

And maybe they work a little.

But, we keep taking one step forward and one step back.


We didn’t find the cause that’s holding us back.

We all have the root cause… something happened in our past that we assigned a meaning to that keeps us safe.

It could be significant like trauma, or your father could have been 10 minutes late picking you up from school.

It doesn’t have to be massive, or it could be.

Either way, when you find the root cause, you take a massive leap forward towards living the life of your dreams… a life of purpose.

What you’ll come to find is that in many ways, your trauma/cause was a is a prerequisite for your purpose.

To bring meaning, fulfillment, and purpose to our lives, we must learn how to bring meaning to the pain… and turn that pain into a way to serve others.

This is the path of freedom.

If you don’t know the root cause, you’ll start/stop/start/stop over and over again.

Not knowing the root cause is like having the emergency breaks on… and trying to move forward… you’re going to burn out before you’ve gone too far.

It’s time to find the root cause and release the emergency break so that you can start to accelerate on the highway of your life’s purpose.

If you don’t know the root cause or how to find it… no worries.

Dedicate yourself to the discovery of the root cause that’s responsible for believing that success is a threat and let’s put an end to the start/stop cycle and create lasting results.

It’s time to get off the hamster wheel of feeling stuck and onto the highway of your purpose!

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!

Little Tweak, Big Results When Setting Goals

What if there were a little tweak you could make that would create MASSIVE results. Would you want to know what it was?

What if it’s so small… and so subtle… that when I share it with you… perhaps the first thing your mind would think is “That’s so simple…” and because of that… your mind may want to discredit the power of this tool.

Would you be willing and open to a simple… small… tweak that could create MASSIVE results? Successful people have open minds.

And they don’t over complicate things. So if your answer is yes to keeping an open mind and valuing simple things… keep reading.

Here’s the one tweak that is so small… yet can change everything.

Instead of making your goals/desires/outcomes vague… make them specific.

So many times I ask people what they want… and a few things usually happen.

1. They lead with what they DON’T want.

2. They don’t know what they DO want.

3. If they do know what they want… they are SUPER vague about it.

So… the shift is…

Focus on what you DO want… and be specific about it.

Instead of saying “I don’t want to be broke.”

Don’t just say “I want more abundance.”

WTF does that even mean?

Be specific: I want to create an income of at least $10,000 per month by October 1st, 2017. It requires critical thinking to get specific.

Do you want an “authentic” relationship?

How will you know it’s authentic?

Or, do you want a relationship where you can share your deepest truths and disclose your deepest thoughts and your partner lovingly listens and empathizes with you?

Using words like “abundance” or “authentic” or “highest potential” is good when describing a concept… but not a GOAL.

GOAL’s must be CLEAR and SPECIFIC. And stated in the POSITIVE and PRESENT tense.

And… GOALS must be stated in such a way that it is CLEAR and you will know when you have achieved your goal. This ONE tweak can change everything.

Maybe… just maybe you aren’t getting what you want because you don’t know what you want… and you aren’t describing it in a clear way.

Here’s the truth: you know what you want.

You’ve been vague because declaring what you want is scary… or maybe you don’t feel worthy.

Either way… knock that off 🙂


AND – make sure to add the “by when.”

A goal without a deadline is a future regret.

How can you be clear/specific/positive/present and create a deadline with your goals?

Reply back and let me know.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!