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Want faster results? Can you stop all complaining for 14 days?

I want to give you a tip today that will allow you to achieve success with faster results.

Simple… yet powerful idea… ready?

For the past few months, I got caught up in one area of my life with a little bout of complaining. It was in my health. I was travelling and was having a hard time keeping up with my diet and sleep on the road. And… I knew it. And, I complained about it.

But wait, let me clarify before I go any further…

What’s the difference between a complaint and a declaration? Does not complaining mean turning a blind eye to the problem and being a “pollyanna”?

According to Webster’s there are three complaint definitions:

1. Expression of grief, pain, or dissatisfaction.

2. Something that is the cause or subject of protest or outcry.

3. A formal allegation against a party.

So – how do we make the leap from complaint to declaration?

Ken Blanchard, from his famous “One Minute Manager” sums it up nicely:

“If you can’t tell me what you’d like to be happening, you don’t have a problem yet. You’re just complaining. A problem only exists if there is a difference between what is actually happening and what you desire to be happening.”

And that’s the difference… right… there.

Webster’s defines a “declaring” as:

1. To make known as a determination.

2. To make clear

If you look at the word and it’s latin roots… delcare breaks down into “de” which translates into “thoroughly” and “clarus” which translates into “clear”.

So, to delcare something is to make your outcome thoroughly clear. 

The problem is… most of us aren’t sure what our outcome is and so we aren’t clear.

Here’s the bottomline. If all you do is look a the problem and make it bigger, you will always have something to complain about it.

I know that I did. I was complaining about the smallest and silliest things. About how airports didn’thave healthy food, and it was impossible to sleep on red-eyes, or that the mini-bar in the hotel fridge was always packed with sugar or that it was just “too” hard to eat cleanly on the road.

I wasn’t focused on outcome. And I forgot a core truth… there’s no such thing as a rich, wealthy, healthy and happy complainer.

There is so much to complain about in the world today. We can complain about the Government, Trump, the cold ass weather, going to our job that we hate or the state of the world. 

And when all we do is complain… well… we add to the very thing we dislike.

To switch is to go from simply complaining… to declaring how you desire it to be and then making that so. In your declaration, you do not discount what is wrong. You simply foocus on closing the gap between what is happening and how you desire it to be. 

So – here is my challenge for you. Should you choose to accept it, you will get faster results (you might also anger people you know… intimately). So, I want to warn you that this challenge is not for the faint of heart.

Join me in a 2 week (14 day) “no complaint” challenge. For two weeks, stop all complaining in what you say and what you think… when you find yourself complaining… bring it back and re-focus on closing the gap between what’s happening and how you desire it to be.

Make your outcomes thoroughly clear and then speak them into existence and align your actions with your words.

Let me know if you’re going to take me up on this challenge and tell me how it’s going. I’m going to want to hear about and see your progress for the next two weeks. And… notice, who in your life will easily complain with you? Might be time to take a step back and surround yourself with declarers, not complainers.

For me, my delcaration is that I am healthy, fit and strong. I exercise daily and eat foods that are aligned with my highest health and support my microbiome and that travelling is an opportunity for me to double down on my self-love and self-care. 

What’s yours?

Get out there, take action & make your purpose real!

Take the brakes off and create faster results

It’s common to head towards a goal to start… and stop… and start… and stop… and start… and stop again.

Why do we do this?

The answer is simple, but not easy…

A part of you believes that success is a threat.

Pure and simple.

The work is to uncover why.

I call this the root cause.

You see, all of us have this human nervous systems that’s designed to keep us safe.

Growth represents a threat.

So, when our heart/soul/gut/dreams move us forward into a bigger, more purposeful life – our nervous systems cautions us from moving forward.

Because the future is unknown, so are the threats.

We assume the worst. We feel anxiety in our bodies. We procrastinate.

We try to do it perfectly to prevent possible death.

We get distracted by the latest trending cat photo.

Yet – no matter how much we try to plan, to control and to scheme the perfect plan, it never works out.

We can never know the future.

So, we try to improve our lives through various personal development models or approaches.

And maybe they work a little.

But, we keep taking one step forward and one step back.


We didn’t find the cause that’s holding us back.

We all have the root cause… something happened in our past that we assigned a meaning to that keeps us safe.

It could be significant like trauma, or your father could have been 10 minutes late picking you up from school.

It doesn’t have to be massive, or it could be.

Either way, when you find the root cause, you take a massive leap forward towards living the life of your dreams… a life of purpose.

What you’ll come to find is that in many ways, your trauma/cause was a is a prerequisite for your purpose.

To bring meaning, fulfillment, and purpose to our lives, we must learn how to bring meaning to the pain… and turn that pain into a way to serve others.

This is the path of freedom.

If you don’t know the root cause, you’ll start/stop/start/stop over and over again.

Not knowing the root cause is like having the emergency breaks on… and trying to move forward… you’re going to burn out before you’ve gone too far.

It’s time to find the root cause and release the emergency break so that you can start to accelerate on the highway of your life’s purpose.

If you don’t know the root cause or how to find it… no worries.

Dedicate yourself to the discovery of the root cause that’s responsible for believing that success is a threat and let’s put an end to the start/stop cycle and create lasting results.

It’s time to get off the hamster wheel of feeling stuck and onto the highway of your purpose!

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!

Want faster results?

Today I’m writing you from the island of Maui.

We’re here for our last scheduled Maui Enter the Heart Retreat.

In many ways, it’s the end of an era. Last week was a recharge week after an amazing Claim Your Power LIVE event in Los Angeles.

As I contemplate the upcoming Enter the Heart Retreat – and the fact that it’s the last one we currently are planning on doing in Maui, I can’t help but think back to our first Enter the Heart Retreat in 2012 – which was also in Maui.

During the past five years, the business has grown, changed, pivoted and expanded in ways I couldn’t see coming.

And, upon review, it’s been amazing to watch the evolution of the business.

It was a hard decision to decide to put a hold on all future Maui Enter the Heart Retreats, but there was a new idea coming through – the business demanded it.

And, even though letting Maui go (for now) was a hard decision, thinking to the future is exciting (though not 100% clear).

That’s what growth feels like.

You’ve got to be willing to let go of what you’ve been doing in order to allow space and room for something new to enter.

And that’s what I want to talk to you about today – letting go of what’s old, not working and what needs to be released.

Sure, it might be comfortable… all that holding on… but it’s not creating growth.

Over and over again, the call of the spirit, of inspiration of what wants to be born through you is asking you to surrender and give up what you know and embrace the unknown.

It’s not a one-time thing.

It’s not a once a decade thing.

Letting go… surrendering… is a daily… even moment by moment choice.

The question we are being asked over and over again is…

“Are you willing to let go of the familiar and trust the unknown space of an uncertain future?”

If it’s time for you to let go of a job that doesn’t serve you… can you do it and trust?

If it’s time for you to let go of a relationship that doesn’t serve you… can you do it and trust?

If it’s time to let go of an unhealthy habit that doesn’t serve you… can you do it and trust?

Over and over again… letting go of what we know… and letting in what we are unsure of is the name of the game.

You don’t get what you “attract” in life.

You get what you choose and anticipate.

So as you let go, can you choose better feeling outcomes, can you choose into healthy situations… can you anticipate that as you do all your needs will be met (in expected and unexpected ways).

And… can you do this… right now… and again… right now… and again and again in each moment.

You see, when you let go of what is…. you allow yourself to be who you’re meant to be.

And – a day will come where you will realize that letting go is indeed the best way to hold on.

Today… who or what are you ready to let go of?

And… what positive outcome will you choose into and anticipate ahead?

Reply back and let me know.

Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!