The Cure For Perfectionism & Procrastination

Today I want to share with you the cure for perfectionism and procrastination. I imagine that the last thing you want to do is put off your dreams, your aspirations and the life you are called to live because of these two dream killers.

If you want freedom, success and to live life on your terms, you’ve got to cure your perfectionism and procrastination.


It’s called turning on your “f*ck it” gene.

Don’t feel ready? “F*ck it…”
Don’t feel like you’re enough? “F*ck it…”
Don’t thing you’ll be supported financially? “F*ck it..”

When you turn on your “F*ck it” gene, you take a massive leap towards success.

I just wrapped up the most successful launch of my career on Monday night with Prosper. We got sooooo many comments, and thousands and thousands of lives were changed!

But, it wasn’t a perfect launch. And I made many mistakes.

So, today, I’m going to share with you how I embrace my “F*ck it” gene…

We produced four highly valuable workshop training videos that were smooth, beautiful and polished.

But, creating them was a messy process.

Wanna take a look behind the scenes? You’ll get a front row view of my mistakes, my mess ups, and my own frustration – and you will laugh a lot.

For the first time, I am releasing my launch BLOOPER REEL where you can see all my mistakes and laugh along with me as I stop procrastinating and step into a bigger version of my own success in an imperfect way.

It’s all right here, enjoy and laugh along with me.

And then, leave a comment and tell me… How will you embrace your “F*ck it” gene this week?

It’s the cure for the common perfectionism and procrastination viruses that slowly kill your dreams.

Big love… and remember to get out there, take action, say “F*ck it” and make it real!

Your biggest supporter,


28 thoughts on “PROSPER Bloopers – the cure for perfectionism and procrastination.

  1. Hahaha – that’s gold! In a funny way watching this has encouraged me to face my fears when it comes to public speaking and just accept that I’ll be making comparable mistakes as I learn… and be ok with it! If you dare to share, I’ll dare to care enough to allow myself to laugh at myself already for the many tongue twisters and silly mistakes I’ll no doubt be experiencing in months and years to come… Thanks for the laugh, Mastin! 🙂

  2. Dude, that was the best thing ever!!!! Came into the office to some irritating news. Trying to stay in my happy forward thinking zone and I opened your email. Thanks for making me literally spit out my coffee all over the laptop screen! I love that you’re encouraging us to embrace our imperfections. Hands down best blooper reel ever!!!

  3. You are a BEAUTIFUL human. We need to go through the mess to get to the great. I am in love with the raw not the perfect. Thank you for this!

  4. Mastin,
    I am soo grateful and happy you shared this video. I did have a good laugh, at the same time I was humbled by you and your willingness to share the imperfections of creating your prosper video. This video made your message of “F*ck it” more real rather than just an idea. Thank you. Cant wait to start the Prosper Program.

  5. Mastin,
    I am soo grateful and happy you shared this video. I did have a good laugh, at the same time I was humbled by you and your willingness to share the imperfections of creating your prosper video. This video made your message of “F*ck it” more real rather than just an idea. Thank you. Cant wait to start the Prosper Program.

  6. LOL I love it!! Exactly what I needed – I have the worst case or perfectionism procrastination!! I’m going to turn on my F*ck it gene this week by writing my first blog post article and calling it “done” before I tear it apart and waste tons of time to make it “perfect”. Thanks Mastin!

  7. OH MY GOODNESS!! FREAKIN’ HYSTERICAL!!! THAT WAS A GREAT ADDITION TO MY MORNING!! Thank you for sharing! I am going to embrace my new found gene by taking my head out of the sand about my finances. I have been to afraid to write it all down in a way that I can see it clearly for what it is, because I know it’s going to hurt my own feelings lol. I know that I will disappoint the most important person in my life…me. I never would have given myself to say that before, in fear of seeming narcissistic. I have been so worried about what “other people think” and seeking answers to my problems from “out there”ultimately MAKING EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING ELSE AN UNWILLING EXPERT ON MY LIFE !! WTF??? I am ready to say, very kindly of course, [email protected]&! IT to myself , lol! I know what I mean by that.. it makes sense in my head, lol. And that’s what matters for this moment! ❤️

  8. OMG! BEST EVER!!!! I love this so much. Thank you for steeping into your own vulnerability around this. My Fuck It gene kicks in all the time and I KNOW it is why I am as successful as I am. For me, its “Fuck it!” Then the STRETCH & then GROW! Mastin, you rock. Thank you for this and all the giggles that came with it!

  9. Mastin I am grateful for your messages to my inbox I didn’t sign for the prosper workshop. I’m paying for college out of pocket but don’t give up on me I look forward to the next prosper event mean time your words always uplift me thanks.

  10. 😂😂😂. Loved this! Needed the laugh. How fortunate you are to have that to replay for yourself and keep yourself in “realistic check”!! – my F* it gene has been rather
    dormant and it’s time to stop worrying about whether I have right yet or not, or am enough yet, know enough yet to coach and support others on their journey. F* IT… I even give myself permission to not know all my gifts and how to apply them as I launch into the Prosper program…(remind me I said that would you please!!). May I be as unabashedly real as you are and put my self out there and be seen in all my inglorious-mess 😋 xxx

  11. Weee SO cool Mastin:)!!! I was just in mindfucks and guilt mode and you just wiped it away <3 LOVED IT:)! SO fun and so cool to know that all of us makes mistakes and that you do not get it all in one set either:) I am just filming at the moment some of the things from Wealthy healers retreat and I feel top motivated:)! Thanks – here comes imperfection <3

  12. I literally was on the verge of tears today at work and this was EXACTLY what I needed to remind me that I WILL push past procrastination and perfectionism ANNNNND make some mistakes along the way. I’m so glad you did Mastin!

  13. I can`t stop smiling, man that was so damned funny.What a huge laugh I`ve had. Thanks so much Mastin for being so, so honest. And you know what, it really helps me in realising that my stumbles and mistakes when talking publicly, is ok. Thank you so much!

  14. Hey Mastin that was fantastic, thanks for sharing your vulnerability! I have definitely turned on my gene, starting today! And bye the bye, if you ever need a second career you could make the ranks as a TOP comedian!

  15. Mastin, I love it! Thank you for stepping out and showing us the imperfect, and perfectly raw “you” as you also strive to create and build your dreams. It shows me, yet again, WHY I’ve chosen YOU as my coach and Mentor… you’ve been there, and you GET IT!!!
    That was also so incredibly entertaining! It’s truly “OK” to be imperfect and it’s even “MORE OK” to be able to laugh at ourselves along the way! Thank you!

  16. Love this soooo much! My favorite part was the “flow sway.” I wish I could attach a video with this comment because I’m preparing for something big this weekend and after sitting with my fear and anxiety this morning as I was thinking about it, I’m going to get up and do a “flow sway” to step into my imperfection and just fuck it! I’m going in! *insert my “getting my flow on” sway/dance here 🙂

    Thanks Mastin. I learned a lot about myself almost two years now with you and my soul sisters in Bali, and today I continue to learn about myself as I step into knowing that my imperfection is what makes me real.
    Xoxo Marie

  17. I’m so glad I found your site! The whole idea of allowing yourself to be imperfect is a goal of mine, to be ok with it, and to help others embrace it. Your video is so imperfect it’s perfect! lol

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