Happy Sunday…

I’d like to pray for you today…

May you let go today

May you trust what your Creator has in store for you

May you surrender all that is unresolved, all that is unfinished and all that is uncertain to your Creator today

May you feel the peace of surrender, knowing that everything that happens today is in your best interest

As you let go of everything that you cannot control, may you know that you are not alone and that even now, you are surrounded by and supported by the Love of your Creator

As you learn to trust what Heaven has in store for you, may you let go of all thoughts, beliefs and circumstances that no longer serve your greatest good

May you bless all those who you are letting go of and pray for their highest good

May you know that your healing doesn’t have to take months or even years… you have permission to heal as quickly and as powerfully as you choose

May you discover what you really need and then have the courage to ask for it

Bless you and teach you how to Love you like you do

Send you support, seen and unseen, for all that you are going through today

May you feel your Love

May you feel your support

May you let go and surrender to your will

Calm and fear that you may be feeling about the consequences of following your will and help you know that in this moment, and in every moment, all of your needs are met


Remember to get out there, take action and make it real!

your biggest supporter,