If you’ve been on my list for a while, you know that I love leading retreats all over the world.

Just a few short years ago, creating international retreats in mystical places like Bali, Maui or Ibiza seemed like it was impossible.

Why? I felt stuck. And stuck is a nice way to say I felt dead inside. No movement. No momentum.

But, I figured out how to get unstuck, and the results have been game changing for me. And, I’ve been blessed to share this wisdom with thousands of my clients all over the globe.

The results? Game changing.

If you’re feeling stuck, this week’s coaching video is for you. Getting unstuck gets you on the path to living your purpose and from there, synchronicity happens, life opens up, you get into the flow and magic is possible.

Want to get unstuck? Let’s begin.

You see, there’s a reason you’re stuck. And it’s not your fault. After working with thousands and thousands of clients, I’ve seen the same pattern emerge as to why they are stuck.

It doesn’t matter if you want to move forward and create more financial abundance, or if you want to create a business, find a job that you love, create love and passion or have a healthy body.

The mechanism that keeps you stuck is the same.

In this week’s video, I share with you what that mechanism is and how to break free from it.

Learning this one skill has radically transformed my life and the lives of my clients.

Now, it’s your turn. Let’s take that step together today.

After you’ve watched this week’s episode, leave a comment and let me know how you are going to apply this week’s lesson. Without action, nothing will change. Take action by leaving a comment and then begin your process to get unstuck, now.

All my LOVE,


P.S. If you know someone who is stuck, forward them this blog. It may just be the exact thing they need to hear to move forward in their life. What a wonderful gift that would be.


2 thoughts on “How to move forward when you feel stuck.

  1. Hi Mastin, thank you so much for sharing this video. I can totally relate to it! And yes what just happened, a real story- I’ve been feeling stuck for a while, especially today I reached the lowest. So I went on daily meditation routine, then I asked The Universe “please tell me where to go and what to do ..etc”, finished off the mediation, went on twitter, somehow your name showed up on my feed, I googled your name, this video literally showed up on the second result on google.
    My mind was blown away and it’s such a miraculous moment for me. I wish I had known you earlier in my life, but it’s never too late!!
    Thank you so much for bringing lights to my darkness and it’s time for me to start listening to your podcast now!


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