EPISODE #5: Dr. Philip Goglia

Discover How To Unlock Your Body's Natural Fat Burning Metabolism

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This episode includes highlights from a recent conversation with Mastin and Dr. Philip Goglia, Marvel Superhero Nutritionist and best-selling author of “Turn Up The Heat: Unlock the Fat-Burning Power of Your Metabolism.” Dr. Goglia is known by many, including Mastin, Chris Pratt and Kim Kardashian as “the Nutritionist To The Stars.”

In this episode, Dr. Goglia explains why metabolism is an issue of hot and cold (not fast and slow), the need for metabolic typing, the 3 metabolic profiles, why weight loss is 80% kitchen and 20% gym, the role of water in weight loss, and more.

For access to the entire interview and a transcript of every word said, visit MastinKipp.com/5.